These two types of Lintels above have become the most popular used, The Plain head type can be manufactured to be load-bearing on the guidance of a Structural Engineer. The Splayed head can be used as it is or with an integral Keystone. All Non-load bearing lintels must be supported by a steel lintel.

Plain Head

These lintels normally have a bearing of 150mm either side of the window and can be load bearing.


This lintel and the one below must sit on a supporting steel lintel.

Splayed + Keystone

As previously mentioned this one and the one above must be supported by a steel lintel. Any size over 1500mm long will be manufactured in three pieces with the joint down between the keystone and lintel.

R&A Keystones are manufactured to style the project. All of our Keystones can be integrated into a window head or simply delivered individually. Keystones are very popular assets to finalise arches around windows and entrances.

We are experts in creating beautifully reconstituted stone products from bespoke designs - This applies to all of our products.

Custom-made keystones are available on request.

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