Our reconstituted stone consists of various materials carefully blended together. The dominant feature is a crushed naturally occurring limestone. With the use of colouring pigments, we can recreate the effect of Bath stone. Colouring pigments are also used when there is a need to down the freshness of new stone to achieve a weathered look on refurbishment projects.

All pieces are individually hand compacted with careful attention to the finish of each product using techniques which have been employed in the industry for many years. Although the standard pieces produced are only intended as a decorative facade supported by reinforced concrete or steelwork, individual pieces under the guidance of an architect or structural engineer can be easily manufactured to be load-bearing.


Reconstituted stone must be handled with great care at all times. During manufacture air temperature and humidity are carefully monitored. Once pieces have had time to cure they are laid upon strips of polystyrene, palletised and then encased in polythene wrap, before goods are transported. Once on-site, we recommend that all pallet wrap remains intact to keep units clean and safe from damage until ready for use.

These products have been used successfully not only in new building developments but also in the refurbishment of older properties.