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From Start to Finish

From the very beginning, we work closely with our clients to ensure that we fulfil their design requirements, whilst manufacturing a quality product at sensible prices within a reasonable time frame. A major element of our work is creating bespoke pieces manufactured completely by hand. We pride ourselves on paying high levels of attention from start to end with each project.

As a small company, we are flexible and can acknowledge the individual requirements of our customers. Customer service is at the heart of our business and our approach is friendly and helpful.

All of our materials are sourced throughout the country to achieve the best combination for mix ratio, producing strength, durability and appearance.


We work closely with our clients to ensure the result is exactly what they want and made and delivered on time. The process would normally start with a consultation, where we can advise on every possible technical and aesthetic aspect of cast stone features.

For renovation projects, we would normally conduct a detailed site survey at a very early stage to take exact dimensions, match colours precisely, and discuss the building program to ensure all the cast stone items can be delivered to the site at the correct time.

The Process

Much of the work we undertake is, by its nature, unique. We work in conjunction with our clients to ensure that their needs are at the forefront of our business.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your stonework requirements. Get in contact today to see if Cast Stone Direct can help you.


Manufacture of bespoke cast stone features

Once the design is agreed upon, the next stage involves our highly skilled craftsman producing timber moulds. These moulds are created to engineering dimensions, and the skill and care that goes into them is reflected in the final finished cast stone feature.

Once a mould is complete, checked and ready for use, the manufacturing process for the cast stone feature commences. This process is carefully controlled and monitored to ensure the colour is correct and consistent.

Delivery & Installation

Installation Service

For more complex products like porticos and balustrades, many clients choose to use our expert site installation service rather than just have the cast stone product delivered to the site.

Advantages to using our expert installation service

  • Our installers fully understand cast stone products and have the experience and knowledge to ensure a perfect job
  • It's often more cost-effective to use specialists than main contractors as the job will take less time
  • There's the added reassurance of knowing that the products remain our responsibility right up until the time the installation is complete

If you'd like to better understand how our installation service works and for a no-obligation quote, then please contact us now

Delivery to site

The need for agreed delivery dates is very important, and this is something we always stick to. Once the cast stone features are on site, we continue to give support and advice to ensure the end result entirely meets the expectation of our customer.

Delivery of our cast stone products to our customers' sites is usually by our own transport, with this being something we consider important to ensure both safe delivery and unloading.

For all deliveries, we work with our customers to ensure that it is on the day needed and this to dovetail with the broader construction schedule. As part of this and on larger projects - e.g. a housing development - we can hold stock at our premises and organise phased deliveries and again to mete the construction schedule.

Of course sometimes the construction of a new building or renovation of an existing building can be delayed because of factors such as the weather, and therefore this affects the schedule. When this occurs, our flexible approach means we can reorganise deliveries to fit in with our customers.

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